Charity donation

From our registration page you can donate to the following four charity projects.

  • 1) Teacher Placement (Teach for Armenia)

Teach For Armenia is an independent, not-for-profit organization that is enlisting Armenia’s most promising future leaders in our mission to ensure all children in Armenia have access to an excellent education. Participants in the program, known as Fellows, serve as full-time teachers for two years in high-need schools across Armenia, and commit to transforming the education outcomes of less-privileged schoolchildren through significantly improving their achievements, leadership mindset and access. To date, Teach For Armenia has recruited 85 Fellows across 3 cohorts.


Teach For Armenia will use the funding received from Coca-Cola Yerevan Half Marathon to support one of our Fellow’s placement in his community. The finical support will be used to support Andranik Manukyan placement in Movses village, Tavush region, located near the border.  Andranik joined the Teach For Armenia Fellowship in 2017 as a physical education teacher. His a lifelong athlete himself and wishes to bring a healthy lifestyle to his new placement community. Teach For Armenia makes a big financial investment towards each Fellows placement, the financial support received from the CC-YHM will go towards supporting his placement in Movses Village.


In 1993, AGBU opened three Children’s Centers in partnership with the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin to address the need for valuable and affordable after-school programming and to fill the educational gaps created by an underperforming educational system -a challenge that the country still faces today.

The Centers, located in the Yerevan suburbs of Arapkir, Nork, and Malatya, provide close to 2,000 students, ages 4-25, the opportunity to learn from trained instructors, develop new skills, foster their athletic talents and enhance their everyday learning experience. Students can tap into their creative side through music, dance, acrobatics, craft, and art classes or take courses in history, computer, and language.

Recognizing the importance of investing in today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders, AGBU has developed a bold new vision that will achieve a new level of excellence designed to strategically move the Centers, Armenia’s youth, and the country forward. Donations in support of the AGBU Children’s Centers, will help AGBU improve the facilities, transform the curriculum, expand the program offering, and invest in teaching training.

Together with donors like you, AGBU can shape a stronger society and bring about lasting change. AGBU is the world’s largest non-profit organization devoted to upholding the Armenian heritage through educational, cultural and humanitarian programs. Every year, AGBU makes a difference in the lives of 500,000 people across Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh and the Armenian diaspora. To learn more about AGBU’s programs and global reach, please visit:

  • 3) Bari Tnak (“Bari Mama” NGO)

“Bari Mama” NGO is planning to build Bari Tnak inclusive center, which will be a unique enabling environment for children with disabilities living in orphanages and after graduating the orphanages.

The main priorities of the “Bari Tnak” inclusive center are:

- organize physical therapies, psychological counselling, art therapies, speech therapies and additional need based therapies for orphan children with disabilities,

- provide residence for orphan children with disabilities, who have no place to go or to live upon turning 18 and leaving the orphanage,

- organize educational workshops for caring of children with disabilities for new mothers,

- house the mothers who are forced to abandon their children with disabilities by family members, but choose not to and do not have a place to go,

- organize educational and preventive trainings for in risk pregnant mothers,

- provide employment to mothers with children with disabilities, who have not abandoned their children,

- organize summer schools and annual Santa Project to increase social inclusion and social integration of all children,

- establish first hostel for children with disabilities in Armenia,

- establish state of the art playground for children with disabilities,

- establish Bari Mama social enterprise.

The land lot of Bari Tnak is 10 kilometers from the capital Yerevan on the route of Garni. It is an ideal place to build a home and rehabilitation center for the children with disabilities.  Monthly, we plan to provide services to more than 80 children with disabilities in our kind, inclusive and welcoming center.

    • 4) Helping children and families in need (Orran NGO)

Orran, meaning “haven” in Armenian, was established in downtown Yerevan in April 2000.  Since its inception, Orran has helped thousands of families in need, all over Armenia and in Artsakh.

Orran’s mission is to:

- Divert children from the streets and engage them in academic, cultural, and extra-curricular activities

- Fight the concept of beggar children as the principal breadwinners of their families

- Identify and develop children’s interests and talents toward a working career

- Help families “in crisis”

- Assist the lonely and needy elderly

- Prevent the spread of destitution and begging among Armenia’s children and elderly