The first Yerevan Half Marathon is organized by the Repat Armenia Foundation. The organizational team consists of professional and non-professional runners, with experience in organizing running events and participation in many half-marathons and marathons. The Half Marathon is supported by Yerevan city administration․ We love running – this is probably the most important thing about us. And we want our city to love it as much as we do. We want more people to join us out in the morning (or, perhaps, afternoon or evening) run, enjoy the beauty of the city streets and parks, nature around, listen to their inner voice, reach the inner piece and harmony and win their personal results. Our goal is to organize a series of annual events to encourage the development of running and other cyclical sports in Armenia as well as to promote healthy lifestyle and sports tourism. These events would also be a good additional reason for the Armenians of the Diaspora in other countries to visit their homeland.