Company: City Hall of Yerevan
Yerevan -0015, 1 Argishti Street Second building - 1/3 P.Buzand Street
E-mail: press@yerevan.am
Phone: +374 10 51 41 55
Website: www. yerevan.am
Company: TriClub Yerevan
E-mail: triclubyerevan@gmail.com
Phone: +374 98220500
Website: http://tri.am/
In addition to training support, TriClub is also responsible for managing the route of the race with oversight of everything from start to finish. This is one of the most experienced runners teams in Armenia, with multiple marathon and half-marathon and Ironman competition finishers. TriClub is a multi-sport club, in Yerevan, Armenia, specializing in endurance sports, triathlon, cycling, long distance running, open water swimming, in training athletes and organizing events in all three sports. Our goal: To create a community (team) of athletes of all ages and abilities. Use the community to organize an enjoyable training environment, as well as setup local endurance sports races. Who can join us? People of all ages and abilities that want to get into endurance sports, or are already in the sports and want to improve their performance or set higher athletic goals.
Company: Repat Armenia Foundation
37 Hanrapetutyan Str., Yerevan, Armenia
E-mail: contact@repatarmenia.org
Phone: +374 60 46 46 60
Website: www. repatarmenia.org
Repat Armenia is an Armenian NGO and a community of like-minded people with life experiences that traveled the world and at different points in time converged in Armenia. We are a group of ordinary people in different walks of life, now working and living in Armenia, putting our personal capacities to the service of the development of the country as well as our own personal, family and professional lives. Repat Armenia believes in providing information, resource and experience support to others that wish to travel a similar path. Our website is geared to provide answers to your questions, inspiration with a personal touch, and support on an individual level. Above all, at Repat Armenia we understand that repatriation is an individual’s or family’s decision that must be taken with the utmost care and preparation, and it’s a decision that can have very rewarding consequences. Repat Armenia stands by you as you explore the possibilities, weigh the options, and hopefully embark on the journey to come, live, and enjoy an engaging and participatory future in Hayastan.