Every large and small sports event needs volunteers to make it happen. Volunteers contribution is priceless. Our race is no exception; we are planning to attract a few dozen volunteers to help the Half Marathon happen and in order to develop volunteering culture in Armenia. Volunteer is person who works on a pro bono basis to make a difference, to contribute to various social projects, an example of which is Yerevan Half Marathon. If you are friendly and responsible, if you like helping people, and support healthy lifestyle — join us to become a volunteer! Based on our experience of previous years we can state that some of our volunteers get inspired and run some of our follow-up races! If you are already into sports, but cannot participate in the race this year for some reason, join as a volunteer — you know better than anyone else how important it is to get timely help, a cup of water or a well-deserved medal at the finish line! After the event, each volunteer will receive a special Yerevan Half Marathon volunteer’s T-shirt and certificates! If you are interested in volunteering at this year’s Yerevan Half Marathon, please submit your application below. We will contact you to discuss further steps. The Yerevan Half Marathon team thanks you for your decision to volunteer at the upcoming race. Let’s make this event a real celebration for athletes, residents and visitors of Yerevan!